Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Fed Up With Political Parties

Suffolk University/USA Today survey of unregistered and unlikely voters found nearly two-thirds of Americans will avoid voting in 2018 because “they have given up on the political parties and a system that they say is beyond reform and repair.” That might sound like a bummer, but don’t miss the beauty of it.

The survey turns the dominant media narrative—that Americans are divided—upside down. That’s because Americans agree about a big problem: Corruption. Sixty-eight percent of the voters surveyed said they stopped paying attention to politics “because it’s so corrupt.” Similarly, 63 percent said they’d given up because “nothing ever gets done– it’s a bunch of empty promises.”

Politics is corrupt. And there are empty promises. The system, however, is not “beyond reform and repair” because we finally agree about the problem. Now, it’s time to unite and fight for the solution.

That problem, caused by corruption, is poor representation. Only 22 percent of respondents said Democrats and Republicans do a good job of representing Americans’ political views, while a majority want to see a third party or multiple parties.

The solution is political competition. According to Gallup, more Americans than ever before want a major third party. Despite this desire, more than 200 million registered voters are forced to choose between two parties owned and operated by special interests. Why? Because Democrats and Republicans have effectively rigged the rules to preserve their duopoly on power.

To restore political competition, we need to unrig the rules—and there’s a reform for that. It’s called The American Anti-Corruption Act, which would ban political bribes, end secret money, and fix our broken elections.

I’m the only candidate for Michigan’s 11th district talking about The American Anti-Corruption Act because I’m the only independent interested in fixing the system. The Democrats and Republicans in this race talk a big game about serving constituents, but any serious public servant should see this is the priority for Congress.

You may care more about another issue, such as healthcare, immigration, or infrastructure. And I hear you. But I can guarantee this: Good things cannot come from a corrupt process. We need reform first. 

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