New Gallup Survey Shows Strong Disapproval of Federal Government

Results reveal a need to disrupt D.C., says the Cooper Nye Campaign   

Commerce, Michigan (September 6, 2018)—The federal government is very unpopular among Americans, says Cooper Nye, an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives (MI-11). According to a new Gallup poll, which measures favorability ratings of 25 major U.S. industries, 53 percent of Americans view the federal government negatively—the lowest of the 25 industry sectors analyzed.

“The results of this survey are not surprising ,” said Cooper Nye. “When I was working in Washington, D.C., it was clear that most people were serving themselves and their cronies rather than those they were supposed to be representing. Most Michiganders know this, so I’m here to give them the chance to elect a true public servant they can trust.”

It was recently announced that Cooper Nye will appear on the general election ballot in November for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District—a challenge that was difficult to accomplish as a nontraditional candidate. Read about it in the Detroit News here.

“I’m running for Congress to be a positive change,” Nye went on to say. “I’m committed to promoting accountability and responsibility. There is more that unites America than divides us, and if current elected officials refuse to put the needs of their constituents above the needs of special interest groups, it’s time to elect someone new.”

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