New Poll: Americans Profoundly Unhappy with Two-party Politics

Michigan’s youngest congressional candidate ready to step up and challenge major party candidates in the 11th District  

Commerce, Michigan (September 27, 2018)—New polling released this morning reveals Americans prefer independent candidates over those who belong to either of the major parties. According to new data released by and the Job Creators Network, only 24 and 22 percent believe Republicans and Democrats respectively “offer a clear and positive vision of the nation’s future,” while 41 percent believe neither party offers a good option forward.

“This nationwide survey is yet another indication that Americans are fed-up with both Democrats and Republicans and would prefer an independent candidate if available,” said Cooper Nye, an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives (MI-11). “That passion to break the status quo and inject common sense values back into Washington is the foundation of my campaign and so many others across the country.”

Cooper Nye is the youngest candidate running for Congress in Michigan and is tired of politicians who only care about money, power, and prestige. In Cooper’s words, D.C. is “Hollywood for Ugly People.”

“The people of Michigan’s 11th Congressional District deserve better than partisan politicking from Republican, Lena Epstein, and Democrat, Haley Stevens. It’s time for Michiganders to forge a new path forward.”

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