D.C. Doesn’t Work For You.

I Will.

About Cooper

Cooper Nye is a born and raised Michigander from Novi running as an independent for U.S. House (MI-11). His campaign is free from political parties and special interests, and committed to uniting good citizens against bad government.

Cooper’s path to public service started with his grandpa’s Korean War stories. They inspired him to focus on history while at Walled Lake Western High School, then double major in Political Theory and International relations at Michigan State’s James Madison College. After graduation, Cooper moved to Washington D.C. to find something worth fighting for.

That didn’t happen. Instead, he found first-hand why some call D.C. “Hollywood for Ugly People.”

Talking heads on T.V., actors in Congress, and lobbyists on K Street, worship the same things—money, power, prestige. Elites enrich themselves and crush competition. Politicians put party before country. And the media produces spectacle instead of substance.

Meanwhile, citizens in “flyover states” suffer. Nobody seems to notice—let alone care. And no matter the party in power, change rarely comes.

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